SoundTube RS800i Open Ceiling Speaker

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SoundTube RS800i Open Ceiling Speaker

Our speakers are unlike anything you’ve ever heard— or seen—before. From the attention-grabbing cylindrical structures that gave us our name, to the sleek, contemporary designs we create today, one thing has always set us apart: superior sound. With an unwavering focus on solutionbased engineering and customer satisfaction, SoundTube Entertainment has been crafting cost-effective, high-quality, aesthetic speakers for the commercial sound industry for more than 20 years.

Offering full lines of loudspeakers for paging, background music, sound focusing, foreground music and a variety of other uses, SoundTube has efficient solutions for almost any commercial audio need. With fuller coverage over larger areas than conventional speakers, SoundTube’s sound is not only exceptional, it’s economical. Ours are the most cost-effective speakers of their kind on the market today.


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