Our design, engineering and precisely integrated multimedia systems are only limited by the imagination….Whether needing LCD, LED, or plasma displays to a full HD projection theatre….we are your residential technology partner. Our Warren County Ohio residential demo facility is where Hollywood theatre and pinache meet the Midwest….Contact us to schedule your private tour.

“I believe that in a great city, or even in a small city or a village, a great theater is the outward and visible sign of an inward and probable culture. ”

- Sir Laurence Olivier (1907-1989)

New Media Frontiers LLC is the partner that will deliver your dream....You will not find a traditional "home theater" store that offers the vast experience we provide. With over 25 years of audio-visual design, engineering and integration excellence your residential multimedia solution will be pristine!  We are perfectionists at our trade and commit to you that your residential multimedia system is our priority. Also, to support your investment, we provide a detailed engineered wiring schematic of your system design and as built installation. This type of documentation will prove to be an invaluable asset during routine maintenance and or technology upgrades. Please click on the link to view a sample of our as built drawing skill. AV Visio as built.pdf

Our Warren County facility will provide you with an intuitive look at how your "home theatre" and or "whole home control system" might be integrated. We will demonstrate to you various types of audio-visual control using IR, RF, WiFi and hardwired solutions, whole house distributed sound, electronic gaming, security cameras, videoconferencing, surfing the internet and computer data on every room TV and projection system. A new product we have become experts on programming is the Apple iPad for total home control. The Apple iPad is the hottest selling product to come along in quite some time. Only at NMF will you have the opportunity to test drive a tablet to control all the residential audio-visual equipment, and lighting, over WiFi. 

When interviewing a potential partner for your investment ask them to clarify how they forsee distributing video, whether analog or digital, to the display areas of your residence and how will they achieve system control? These areas of our demonstration facility are second to none and a must to see before you contract with another company. We highly recommend the Crestron control solution which is an integral part of our demonstration facility. Only Crestron offers a partnership with Apple bringing cutting edge technology solutions to your home environment. We are an authorized dealer of many manufacturers of A/V control solutions but only Crestron provides the ability to integrate all brands of audio-visual equipment and is a rock solid performer. 

    The finest in custom theatre designs.   



    Projection gaming room for Nintendo, Playstation, Wii, Xbox, PC & Mac 

    Master bedroom LCD display and Crestron in-wall control system    


    Great room with LCD display and Crestron wireless RF control system   

    Kitchen and Morning room with LCD display and internet search       

   Children's bedroom where TV content is controlled by parents

    Guest room for Blu-ray, internet & PC using Crestron WiFi control 

     Equipment rack designed to fit your environment

    Cabling to every display; component video, HDMI, VGA, stereo and control