About Us

Our origin began in 1983 during the surge of the residential VCR and the video camera recorder. We started as managers with a Florida and Ohio based consumer video electronics company and gradually migrated into the commercial audio-visual field in 1988.

New Media Frontiers LLC, an Indiana S-Corp, was formed with the original partners being from one of the largest North American commercial A/V companies. Today we are one of the premier providers of most every discipline of commercial and residential multimedia audio-visual technology. Our designing and engineering skills are contracted with regional U.S. government and military agencies, corporate and higher education institutions and cutting edge multimedia residential clients.

Our lead service technicians are the best in class, with each having more than 20 years of A/V installation excellence. Their skills range from every conceivable type of cabling termination, integration of the largest audio-visual system to diagnosing the most complex multimedia room anomalies.

What We Offer:

Audio and VideoConferencing
Boardroom, Presentation & Training Room Installations
Residential Multimedia Integrations
Video Surveillance
Consulting and Engineering Services
Maintenance Contracts

Why Select US:

Over 25 Years Audio-Visual Integration Excellence
Innovative Design & System Engineering
State of the Art Product Line
Provide Certified AMX and Crestron Programmers
Factory Training Technicians
Excellent Client Referrals

Mission Statement

"Enable our clients to experience increased productivity through improved communications within their respective corporations, educational institutions, government agencies and residences via videoconferencing, video & data displays, audio distribution and fully integrated multimedia systems."